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The Price of Memory
After the Tsunami
By Mildred Kiconco Barya
ISBN 1856571025
SERIES New African Writing
Paperback  100 pages
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Published 25 March 2006
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'The Price of Memory' is a collection of 63 poems. The poems in vivid imagery uncover what happens when the pleasurable thrill of being alive is lost in the pain that settles among the familiar and refuses to say goodbye, as in the poems 'Baggage' and 'Maybe.' The subject of memory, remembrance and forgetfulness resound throughout the collection, from the private nostalgic experiences in 'Wastelands,' 'The Island,' to the collective 'Africa re-disappointed,' 'Borderless Africa,' and 'Child of the Universe.' In this poetry, we witness what comes out of keeping dreams in trouser pockets ridden with holes. When we send the eye to look into the future, with shock we discover that the future came.what can take away the pain and cold anger is the indomitable will that purposes to shed off memory like a cloak. Mildred Kiconco Barya is a writer and poet. She has written short-stories and essays for various publications, features and travel articles for newspapers. Her first collection of poetry titled: Men Love Chocolates But They Don't Say won the National Award for poetry publication 2002. The Price of Memory is her second poetry collection. Her current writings highlight HIV/AIDS issues, religious cults and the pursuit of identity and belonging. Mildred lives in Uganda, her homeland and works on her novel titled: Soul of Rivers. Among her recent publications include Call me a Panda, an HIV/AIDS children's story, Effigy Child, a short story with Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, We Seek a Face, a short story with and Raindrops a short story in Words from a Granary, FEMRITE publication.

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