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The Deadly Ambition
By Glaydah Namukasa
ISBN 1856571033
SERIES New African Writing
Paperback  236 pages
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Published 25 March 2006
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Evan Busagwa is determined to get rich. He isn't ready to meet any stumbling blocks, but is ready to be a stumbling block to whoever steps in his way. He murders John Bosco Mukasa and Vincent Kalule, both coffee traders. With calculated deceit and manipulation he takes over John Bosco's property and later marries Kalule's widow. Anastanzia Kirabo, the only surviving child of John Bosco, leads her life in a world of fear. She has to run away from the murderer, Busagwa, whom she only knows as 'the stranger'. For some years, her life turns out to be of incognito living. Ivan Kabuye, Kalule's bereaved son, has to live with Busagwa as a stepfather. His uncertainties about his stepfather grow with each passing day. And when his mother, Maria, dies, suspicion kindles within him. He's sparked off to find out who his stepfather is. Glaydah Namukasa was born in Uganda. Bereaved of her father as a child, she grew up in Entebbe with her mother, three sisters and two brothers. She studied in Nkumba Primary School, then Entebbe Secondary School. She graduated as a Midwife in June 2000. Currently, she is working with Wakiso District. She joined the Uganda Female writers' Association, FEMRITE in 2002. Later she joined the British council Crossing Borders creative writing scheme. The Deadly Ambition is her first adult novel. Her first young adult manuscript Voice of a Dream won the Macmillan Writers Prize for Africa competition 2005, and is to be published by Macmillan Publishers in September 2006. Her short stories include Ojera's Final Hope, published in the USA, The Naked Bones, published by FEMRITE ,and Still Hope Survives, to be published in the New African Writers' Anthology, UK.

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